Help support Unplugged – Hike for Life

There are many different ways you can help this project, future projects and their associated causes to gain momentum. The most simple way, and one that you can do right away, is to help us spread news of this documentary as far and wide as possible through social media.

Follow the Unplugged – Hike for life Facebook Page
This is where the Unplugged team will keep you updated on all news, events and any other related information that may also become opportunities to get involved.

Overland Track Tasmania
Regrouping on The Overland Track as the weather closes in.

Unplugged – Hike for life Events
While the 6 day hike through along the Overland Track in Tasmania was the first event and continues to be the flagship for the Unplugged team, they are regularly involved in many other events that help raise awareness for their cause. Events like Fun Runs, Light the Night, World’s Greatest Shave and Red Cross Blood Donation drives are examples of some of the ways they continue to support associated organisations. The best way to keep a track of events you might like to be a part of is to visit (or follow their Facebook page).

Help through donating
Spreading the word to raise awareness and being a part of events is important and extremely helpful. A more immediate and sometimes more tangible impact can be seen through donating blood and funds.
You can very easily donate directly to the Unplugged – Hike for Life fund by clicking on this link and visiting their sponsorship page on the official Leukaemia Foundation website.