This event was formed over several conversations in a hospital waiting room while Richard Butt and Robert Gomes underwent Leukaemia treatment. Together with their wives (and carers) Heinke Butt and Susan Gomes, they discussed potential ideas to raise awareness for the Leukaemia Foundation, blood donations and the Bone Marrow Registry.

From these early conversations the idea began to quickly expand into what eventually became ‘Unplugged – Hike for life’, a 65km hiking expedition through the wilderness of Tasmania for seven Blood Cancer survivors.

The team takes a lunch break along The Overland Track, Tasmania

The team realised the potential of documenting such a journey through film with the idea of sharing the journey with a wider audience in the future. Through a contact at the Leukaemia Foundation, they met Tom Griffin, an outdoor adventure Filmmaker and Producer. After the first introduction it was obvious that Tom was the perfect fit for this project. His ability to shoot ‘on the run’ and capture footage in less than ideal conditions, all while carrying camera gear on his back proved to be of high value once they hit the trail.

After many months of post production, the documentary was launched at the Leukaemia Foundation and has now begun showing at various locations.

Visit the WATCH page to view trailers and see viewing dates and locations.